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The Ya Ne Dah Ah Endowment Committee

The Ya Ne Dah Ah Endowment Committee was established in 2005 to create and manage an Endowment Fund for the Ya Ne Dah Ah School, in order to help the school achieve financial sustainability.  We are not eligible to receive education funds that are available to public schools, nor are we able to receive monies from the Bureau of Indian Education.  We rely solely on donations and grants to pay our teachers and other necessary operating expenses.  It is our goal to raise $1,000,000 for our Endowment Fund.  That is the amount needed for us to be able to draw interest that would allow us to fully operate our school on an annual basis.  To date, we have reached over 10% of our goal.


The Endowment Committee

Penny Westing Chairperson, CVTC Secretary
Lisa Wade Education Director
Kari Shaginoff CVTC Tribal Citizen

The committee meets monthly or on an “as needed” basis in order to best manage Endowment Funds.  The Endowment funds are currently being held in a CD.  If you have experience with investing or managing funds, and would like to help us grow our fund, please contact Penny Westing at (907) 745-0794 or by email: [email protected].



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