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Native Youth Olympics

edpics_nyoOur ancestors’ survival depended on skill, endurance, agility and the balance of mind and body. The absence of any one of these important components could result in unsuccessful hunts or a lost life in the Alaskan wilderness. In order to test and prove these crucial abilities, our ancestors developed games in which they could compete against each other and hone their skills.


The creators of the Native Youth Olympics (NYO) wanted an opportunity to demonstrate their favorite Native games in the hopes that the people of Alaska would not forget the traditional contests of their forefathers. This admirable goal is now being realized and witnessed by more Alaskans than ever before thanks to the involvement of numerous dedicated volunteers, the attention of the media, and the support of NYO’s generous sponsors.


These games give students the ability to learn about sportsmanship, unlike most games where you compete against another person. Instead these games promote competing against your best score and encourage students to support the other person’s efforts.


Chickaloon Village Traditional Council (CVTC) is proud to host a NYO program and looks forward to continuing the tradition of celebrating the rich cultural history through Native sports.


Tsin’aen (Thanks) to our Senior Coach Anne-Corinne Kell, Junior Coach Julee-Anna Van Velzor and Assistant Coach Albert Wood Jr , Ya Ne Dah Ah students and other team members from all over the MatSu Valley have been able to participate in the Native Youth Olympics statewide since 2003. Thanks also to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District and Sutton Elementary School for providing the facilities for our team to practice.


NYO Handbook

ED-NYO Handbook Revised 12-2017


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