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Chickaloon Village Environmental Stewardship Department (CVESD)



We apply Traditional Knowledge and modern science to promote the health of living things and their environments within the Chickaloon Village Traditional Territory.



We envision a future with functioning ecosystems, flourishing fish and wildlife populations and a healthy, prosperous community.



We work to actualize this mission and vision through:

  1. Coordination of salmon stream restoration, culvert replacements and salmon population rehabilitation
  2. Development of cultural tourism in the Matanuska Watershed
  3. Creation of a Recreation and Trails Plan for the Matanuska Watershed
  4. Participation in fish and wildlife research
  5. Use of renewable energy systems and development of energy efficient buildings
  6. The development of community gardens and a four-season community greenhouse
  7. Development of an ecosystem based plan facilitating informed decision making regarding ecological limitations of the surrounding landscape.
  8. Encouraging and promoting sustainable development, while enlisting community input, to sustain a modern lifestyle while also conserving lands within the Traditional Territory that support subsistence culture and traditions.

Contact us:

Environmental Stewardship Department
P.O. Box 1105
Chickaloon, AK 99674
Ph: (907) 745-0737
Fx: (907) 745-0709

Staff Member Name


E-mail Address


Jessica Winnestaffer Department Director [email protected]  
Gene Agnew
Assistant Director
[email protected]
Angela Wade Cultural Project Manager [email protected]  
Melissa Shaginoff
Cultural Development Coordinator
[email protected]
Sonia Charles
Cultural Project Assistant [email protected]  
Bethany Nichols
Contaminated Sites Program Manager
[email protected]


The Indian Environmental General Assistance Program has been a great deal of assistance for Tribes all over Alaska. Through EPA’s generous funding we have been able to develop a comprehensive environmental department. This grant provides the infrastructure for the department director to improve and strategize for future projects and programs. Without this grant all of our environmental programs, projects and projects would not exist.

EPA’s Region 10 Tribal Programs Website

Tribal Response Program

The Tribal Response Program (TRP) is meant to provide resources and increase the ability to address brownfield sites. Through this program we hope to provide not only information about current brownfield sites, but also education about the prevention of future contaminated sites.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program

Started in 2010, this program works to achieve the long-term energy vision to produce enough clean, renewable energy to power and heat all existing buildings and rental housing units. Our long-term energy goal is to protect, enhance, and restore our ancestral lands, water, and air and ensure respectful, healthy development by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. This program has also completed an Energy Audit and Renewable Energy Strategy Report for 14 Tribally-owned buildings. In the near future, this program plans to implement energy efficiency measures and more renewable energy developments, as recommended in the report.

For more information on our projects:
> Moose Creek Restoration Project
> Tene’ Ninicezet Project
> Culvert Replacement Projects
> Salmon population rehabilitation
> Chickaloon Village Four-Season Greenhouse
> Matanuska River Salmon Spawning Distribution Research
> Chickaloon Village Ecosystem based plan
> Nurture the Land and People Project
> Future Activities

Resources & References:
Chickaloon, Sutton, and Palmer Comprehensive Plans
Coal Bed Methane
Fish and Wildlife



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