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Eco-System Based Plan

Eco-System Based PlanThe Chickaloon Village Ecosystem Based Plan was completed in the spring of 2009. The work completed entailed presentations on the maps and community interviews that were conducted and produced throughout the duration of the project, educating the public about the plan, the planning process, and the maps generated from the plan.
The final plan includes an outline of the project approach, phases, character, condition and economy of the Matanuska Watershed and provides recommendations for future development in our area. Also, two business plans were finalized, one for the greenhouse, and one for the Moose Creek Campground. Because the Moose Creek Campground business plan was deemed the most feasible, we also had a site plan developed that incorporated, interpretive walkways, salmon viewing platforms, restrooms, and various camp sites from R.V. to walk in tent sites.

> Chickaloon Village Ecosystem Based Plan [602kb .pdf]
> Alaska Game Management Units Map [3.9mb .pdf]
> Animal Habitat Map [3.5mb .pdf]
> Chickaloon Village Lands Map [4.6mb .pdf]
> Community Councils Map [3.0mb .pdf]
> Community Land Use Map [3.8mb .pdf]
> Disturbance History Map [4.3mb .pdf]
> Ecological Risk In Detail Map [2.8mb .pdf]
> Fish Habitat Map [5.0mb .pdf]
> Geology Map [2.3mb .pdf]
> Intensive Extensive Areas Map [2.4mb .pdf]
> Land Status Map [3.7mb .pdf]
> Matanuska Watershed Map [3.9mb .pdf]
> PPP Development Map [3.9mb .pdf]
> Vegetation Map [2.4mb .pdf]
> Vegetation Types Map [2.7mb .pdf]
> Water Systems & Contaminated Sites Map [4.4mb .pdf]
> Wetland Types Map [3.3mb .pdf]


Administration for Native Americans

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