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Nurture the Land and People Project

Nay’dini’aa Na’ Hwt’aene Ughedze’ Xuk’anotta Nene’


(Nurture the Land and People Project)

Through this project we will provide Ahtna Cultural restoration and preservation by developing an Ahtna Cultural Resource Library, writing an Ahtna Cultural Education Book, and providing frequent Ahtna cultural education events. We will also develop cultural sustainability and economic growth through development of Ahtna cultural tourism, statewide cultural tourism networks and a business plan for Tribal tourism infrastructure development.

Through the 3-year project we will:

  • Complete an Ahtna Cultural Education book with a minimum of fifteen lesson plans
  • Offer at least thirty Ahtna cultural education events in the community
  • Develop an Ahtna Cultural Resource Library
  • Provide ten cultural tourism trainings in our community to increase community capacity to provide tours and host visitors
  • Provided summer-season Ahtna cultural presentations/tours by three Cultural Interpretive Guides
  • Partner with tourism industry organizations to strengthen our Ahtna cultural tourism program to support cultural sustainability and cultural employment opportunities
  • Complete a feasibility study and business plan for a hotel/conference center and Ahtna cultural park

Let us know if you would like to learn more about these exciting opportunities!

Contact us:

Angela Wade

Cultural Project Manager

(907) 745-0737 ext. 2204

[email protected]


Sonya Charles

Cultural Project Assistant

(907) 745-0737 ext. 2205

[email protected]

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