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Matanuska River Watershed Cultural Ecotourism

2011 Chickaloon Village Matanuska River Watershed Report on Community Survey – DOWNLOAD

2013 Chickaloon Village Tribal Guide for Cultural Ecotourism Development – Cultural Ecotourism Study FINAL


Project Goal:

Development of a Cultural Ecotourism program utilizing collaborative partnerships with other Tribes, local governments, and non-profits.


Results and Benefits:

  • A greater understanding of economic opportunities associated with cultural ecotourism in the Matanuska Watershed.
  • Community-wide understanding of Chickaloon Village Traditional Council’s land stewardship ethic.
  • An understanding on how to develop several cultural ecotourism businesses for the region.
  • A Tribal Guide for Cultural Ecotourism Development for Chickaloon Village and the community to refer to and use for business opportunities in the future.
  • Increased statewide awareness of cultural ecotourism opportunities and partnerships.
  • Greater understanding on how to market to tourists and provide enhanced access to information about cultural ecotourism in Alaska.
  • Recognition as a Tribal entity taking a leadership role in enhancing the development for cultural ecotourism in Alaska.


Key Development Steps:

  • Collect data on Tribal cultural ecotourism in Alaska and elsewhere, and collect data on regional ecotourism and business opportunities.
  • Facilitate Tribal conversations about cultural ecotourism and develop a cultural tourism educational guide for the area.
  • Facilitate key stakeholders meetings to evaluate the future vision for cultural and ecotourism opportunities within the Matanuska Watershed.
  • Facilitate public outreach meetings to build good will and awareness around the details of this project within both the local community and extended service markets.
  • Conduct a randomly selected Matanuska Watershed community resident’s survey to establish priorities for the future growth and sustainability of the tourism economy.
  • Conduct a local economic assessment and target market analysis.
  • Develop business plans for cultural ecotourism business opportunities.
  • Identify key locations and current land ownership status within the Matanuska Watershed that would be suitable for ecotourism business opportunities.
  • Develop a financial model supporting the management and capital recommendations that outlines the economic impacts, likely investments required, and potential partnership opportunities and funding sources.
  • Develop a website that lists cultural ecotourism businesses and opportunites across the state with a link to their websites.
  • Host a Statewide Tribal Ecotourism Conference/Summit.
  • Ecotourism guide training.




Administration for Native Americans
This project would not have been possible without the generous support of Administration for Native Americans.



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