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Welcome to the Chickaloon Village Safety Corner, keep up to date with the latest safety tips and lessons, so you can be aware and alert to keep  yourself and family safe.

Safety is the key to keeping a work place moving forward both in moral and physical points. By taking the extra step and time to do things right, we save ourselves and others from potential hazards and prepares us for the disasters. It is not only is beneficial to your health, but the cost of being safe keeps your pocket books safe in the long run too. So do you and your family a favor and always make the choice to be safe, no matter what task is at hand.



Safety Lessons

Cold Weather

Workplace Violence

Winter Safety

CV Accident Reporting and Safety Obs.

Earthquakes and Being Prepared

Fire Prevention

Hunter Safety

Summer Safety

Safety in the Workplace

Let’s Be Ready-CV PP

First aid kits in the workplace


Winter Driving In Alaska

Ice Safety

Chickaloon Village Road Construction Safety Guide for Safe

The Right Tool For The Right Job

Safety Forms

Safety Observation – This form is for anyone who observes an unsafe act or for recognizing sombody going the extra step to safety.

Chickaloon Village Incident Report of Injury Form– This form is for staff, elders, volunteers, guests anybody visiting CVTC who had a incident, injury or near miss. This helps prevent future injuries and ensures everyone’s safety.

Workers Comp Claim Form-Report of Injury– This form is for Staff who have injured themselves. No matter how major or minor all injuries need to be reported.



OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health

Alaska Kids Corner

Safety Kids



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