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The Callison Street Expansion Project is open.  The new community Health Clinic is OPEN.  Please call 907-631-7665 for more info.



The Dene’ Tene’ Pathway Project has been completed. Please enjoy the new pedestrian bridge over Eska Creek within the DOT ROW.  Please respect private property adjacent to the pathway in Sutton.

We will be working with the youth in the Tribal School and Sutton Elementary School on artwork to be added to the bridge pending AKDOT approval.



We are updating our Long Range Transportation Plan.  Please stop by our offices if you have any questions or call 907-745-0854.


We are constructing a new building to house Transit vehicles and winter chip mix for road ice abatement.  This metal building is located just North of our existing Transportation facilities off of Callison Street.



Bus Website – CATS (Chickaloon Area Transit System):

Our Vision:
The Chickaloon Village Transportation Department will improve transportation for Nay’dini‘aa Na’ (Chickaloon Village), our citizens, and the surrounding communities, and be a leader in the transportation arena.


Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide the safest, most efficient transportation infrastructure for the tribe, our citizens, and the public. This includes FHWA’s mission of enhancing mobility through innovation, leadership, and public service.


Our Goals:

  • Safety: Continually improve transportation safety.
  • Mobility & Productivity: Preserve, improve, and expand the tribal highway transportation system while enhancing the operation of transportation systems and intermodal connectors.
  • Global Connectivity: Promote and facilitate a more efficient tribal, domestic, and global transportation system that enables economic growth.
  • Environment: Protect and enhance the natural environment and communities affected by transportation development.
  • Organizational Excellence: Advance the tribal ability to manage for results and innovation.




Tribal Transportation Program (TTP)

Chickaloon Villages’ Transportation Department has begun to upgrade existing roads/trails, construct new roads/trails, and do road/trail maintenance in our service area per TTP program guidelines. Our first construction contract was awarded to Cruz Construction Inc. in September of 2008 for Route 4600, All Elks Road and Annie’s Road.


All Elks Road, Route 4600

All Elks Road, IRR Route 4600 - Before
All Elks Road, IRR Route 4600 - During
All Elks Road, IRR Route 4600 - After


An Agreement between Chickaloon Native Village (CNV) and the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) was signed on August 23rd, 2006. This was the first of its kind in Alaska and the third in the nation under SAFETEA-LU.  CNV is continuing transportation projects through USDOT’s FAST Act agreements.


Through the TTP Program Agreement with USDOT Chickaloon Village Traditional Council (CVTC) has developed a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP includes a Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan (TTIP) schedule which is a list of CVTC’s current projects, a list of priority routes for future work and proposed route maps.


Click to view the 2013 LRTP [503kb .pdf].  Appendixes and the TTIP are available in our office.


Through a Federal Transit Authority (FTA) Bus and Operating grant we are establishing a transit service within our service area. Any system designed will be available to all residents, including handicapped individuals, wishing to use the service. We plan connection to the Palmer-Wasilla M.A.S.C.O.T. transit system, the Valley Mover transit system, as well as Anchorage & Valdez areas transit systems.

It has been our Director’s dream to travel the road portion of the State of Alaska by public transportation and be able to stop anywhere along the way, whether it be a town, village, national or state park, and continue on later. We are definitely headed that direction with our coordinated Transit plan!

View our Transit Partner list 2014





If you are interested in assisting with this program, please contact us.




The Chickaloon tribe owns a dedicated airport with a 2,000 foot grass runway and an airport reserve area for our tribal citizens, in conjunction with use by the Bestline Park Subdivision owners. This public airport needs upgraded for easy access as well as someone to maintain it for future use.


Because of this situation the Transportation Department will be looking at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for programs to develop this facet of our public transportation. There are other airports that should be developed for our far-flung tribal lands since air is the most logical way to access those lands for use.


We do not expect this project to get off the ground for the next several years. If you are interested in assisting with this segment of our transportation, please contact us.



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Chickaloon Area Transit System

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