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Since 1992, the Ya Ne Dah Ah School strives to teach, preserve, and rejuvenate the Ahtna Athabascan language, culture, songs, dances, Earth stewardship, and history of Chickaloon Village. Using traditional methods, the cultural teacher, Athabascan Elders, parents, and community members teach our language, traditional values, ethics, and cultural traditions to the children of the Tribe. These methods combined with a high quality academic curriculum meet the needs of our youth by helping them gain an understanding of western educational principles.

The Ya Ne Dah Ah School is an independent school that views Native Education an important asset to all children’s learning. The YNDA School has developed cultural standards that include not only western educational standards but have our Athabascan Traditional values and beliefs. Each grade level has a unique and individual curriculum standard for inspiring each child’s level of achievement.

The success of the school has been recognized by local community public schools. Many requests for Athabascan presenters and curriculum are now available to public schools in our area for sharing and educating our culture to more children in the community.

To ensure future generations the best education the Ya Ne Dah Ah School has created an Endowment Fund.

The Ya Ne Dah Ah School Endowment Fund is the long-term commitment the Chickaloon Village Traditional Council has in place to ensure our Athabascan culture and traditions will be passed on to the generations to come.

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