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Chickaloon Spirit - The Life & Times of Katherine Wickersham Wade

Chickaloon Spirit
The Life & Times of Katherine Wickersham Wade

This book contains stories of Katherine’s life accompanied by a large photo collection showing a rare glimpse into the past of this remarkable woman. Katherine Wade’s life intercepts a whole lot of lives and a whole lot of history in the Matanuska River Valley. Through this gift of her stories, her memories, her sense of humor despite tragedy, resilience despite setbacks, we learn some larger messages. We learn about mining history, railroad history, a bit of colony history and highway history. We learn about the adventures – and misadventures – this remarkable woman had in Chickaloon, Sutton, Palmer, Wasilla, and Anchorage, Alaska.

Price: $20.00 + $6.50 priority shipping/handling

Ya Ne Dah Ah Storybooks

These books are the first known written, illustrated, and published books recounting valued Athabascan stories as told for 100’s of years. The Ya Ne Dah Ah stories were told as a way for the elders to teach children lessons, survival skills, help them understand right and wrong, and as a way of rewarding them. The elders kept the stories as unaltered as they possibly could without writing them down as there was no written language.

These Ya Ne Dah Ah stories teach children to behave and be respectful. The characters in the stories are so outrageous that no one would want to be accused of acting like one of the characters, which is the real purpose of the stories.


The Magic House The Magic House
The magic house greets those who are polite and respectful with magnificent rewards but misfortune awaits those who dare disrespect that which does not belong to them.

Price: $7.50 + $6.25 
priority shipping/handling
Besiin: The Owl Story Besiin: The Owl Story
When a Family can’t quiet a spoiled brat, Besiin decides to deal with matters himself.Price: $7.50 + $6.25 priority shipping/handling

Tsaani: The Grizzly Bear Story  

Tsaani: The Grizzly Bear Story
Outmatched in strength and speed…faced with seemingly impossible odds…How will the Brave survive the ferocious Grizzly Bear? With only his wits and determination at his disposal, the young man will be put to the test in this ancient Athabascan tale.


Price: $7.50 + $6.25 priority shipping/handling


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