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Strategic Plan

Chickaloon Village Traditional Council
(Nay’dini’aa Na’)
Strategic Plan

Core Purpose
To help our citizens thrive.

Core Values
Care and Love for Each Other
Education Honesty
Humor Respect

Perpetuate our ancestors’ beliefs, customs, traditions and values and steward our environment to help our citizens thrive.

A Tribal Government that stands sovereign with all nations, utilizes our land responsibly, has a sufficient resource base, and prepares our future generations, to fulfill our core purpose and long-term goals.

Long-term Goals FY 2012-2016

1. Rejuvenate Athabascan culture, oral traditions, spirituality, Ahtna Athabascan language, songs, and dances based on our traditional values.

2. Exercise and assert our self-determination by developing and managing programs to serve our needs.

3. Protect, enhance and restore our ancestral lands, water and air and ensure respectful, healthy development.

4. Ensure local, regional/state, national and international recognition and sovereignty of the Athabascan Nation and Nay’dini’aa Na’ Traditional Village (A.K.A. Chickaloon Native Village).

5. Strengthen our Council, Staff Members, and Tribal Citizens by respectfully increasing communication, educational development, and collaboration.

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